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In the European University of Benelux strive to inclusion and in pursuit to the goal of international cooperation, the EUB initiated negotiations with the renowned Ez-Zitouna University, the oldest university in the world, for mutual recognition and academic and non academic cooperation.

Ez-Zitouna is a public university which was first established in 737. It consists of the Higher Institute of Theology, the Higher Institute of Islamic Civilisation in Tunis and the Center of Islamic Studies, in Kairouan. It holds 3 faculties; Islamic studies and Islamic civilization, Islamic law and Theology.

The university offers various qualifications such as:

  1. National diploma of the first cycle in Islamic studies (D.E.U.P.C.)
  2. National diploma of Masters in the Islamic studies
  3. Superior Technician in Applied Multimedia on Islamic Arts
  4. Superior Technician in Arts of Islamic Heritage
  5. Bachelor’s degree in Shari’a and Islamic thought in Islamic Sciences
  6. Master in Islamic Sciences
  7. D. in Islamic Sciences

The negotiations include joint provisions both in the European Union countries and in the Middle East with the aim of closing the cultural gap between the east and the west.

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